Making it Happen!

Now is a great time to recognize some very important people. Who are these very important people? Why, they are the sponsors for Spousetivities 2010!

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, the activities this year will be outstanding! So who are the companies that are reaching out beyond just the attendees but also to their families? So far I have three fabulous companies that have jumped on board to support Spousetivities.


EMC is our featured sponsor. We will be able to provide the Get-To-Know-You Breakfast free of charge to participants this year thanks to EMC’s support.



HyTrust and Train Signal are two additional fantastic companies that are helping to make this year a success. These sponsors are for both the US and EMEA conferences!

Together, all three sponsors’ contributions will also enable each person to receive a complimentary gift bag during Spousetivities and to help reduce the overall cost of the activities for the participants.

I encourage each of you to support these companies to show your appreciation. Without their support we could not continue to grow these activities each year. Please make sure your spouses make an extra effort to drop by their booths on the VMworld show floor to let them know their support is noticed and appreciated.

I also need to send a thank you to VMware for supporting Spousetivities by providing discount badges and making people aware of these events on the VMworld website. One final thank you goes to Cynthia from Organized Chaos for helping me arrange a great line up of activities, lunches, and fun!

I will be posting more soon! Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Making it Happen!

  1. Are there discounts on guest passes through the spousetivities? Bringng my wife to VMWorld this year, and she is very excited to see what you have in store.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I have requested that a discount be offered for participants of Spousetivities but because of the nature of these activities not actually being a part of VMworld, VMware has been unable to extend that as a benefit. I still encourage you to purchase the companion pass, however. Registration for Spousetivities will open soon so please keep an eye on the site. I look forward to seeing your wife in SF. I promise she’ll have a great time!

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