Spouse Activities Update 3

Good evening everyone! I am in San Francisco making final preparations for VMworld Spousetivities 2010. I wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone on the tours. We have had a great response this year to activities but some days have been more popular than others. To keep costs down, a couple of tours that have been offered on multiple days have now been combined.

The Monday photographic tour is getting full, but there is still room if you want to enjoy this trip. This trip is repeated on Wednesday as well. This is a great activity for either of these two days since the VMworld reception is Monday night and the VMworld party is Wednesday night. This tour wraps up early in the day. If this sounds like the tour for you, go ahead and get registered for Monday or Wednesday. This tour is also good if the kiddos are joining you since there are a lot of cool things see!

The Monday wine tour is going to be a rockin’ good time! There are still discounts available for this tour so sign up now and use discount code winetime for $25 off the tour and code winetimelunch for $10 off the fantastic lunch. You won’t want to miss this tour and you’ll have some great company, too!

The Tuesday houseboat tour still has room. Pack your sweater and join me on a fun day of seeing these awesome homes! This tour also offers a very exclusive lunch. Whether you are a wine drinker or not, you’ll love this tour and lunch. If you register now, you can still take advantage of discount code: houseboatlunch and get the lunch for free! This $55 value is available courtesy of EMC. Attendees and those joining them at the reception Monday night stop by and thank EMC for making this possible!

If Alcatraz and Angel Island interests you more, please register here for this fantastic adventure. There will be no transportation to Pier 33, but it is a reasonable walk from most of the area hotels or you can easily take the bus or trolley. Public transportation is free if you purchase the City Pass! You may choose to meet at Pier 33 or at the Marriott Marquis and go together as a group. Group will depart from Marriott by 8:45 AM.

If you aren’t joining us on the Photographic tour on Wednesday but you still want something to do, then sign up for one of the groups that are sightseeing or participating in City Pass activities. These groups will be formed on Monday at the breakfast and will be breakout tours with no formal structure. You will see the city your way and at your own pace!

Thursday’s Muir Woods has some room left. This is a wonderful tour that allows us to take in the beauty of the towering Redwoods. You’ll feel like you are in another world during this nature escape. If this is just what the doctor ordered and you wish to join me for this tour, you can register here.

If you were looking for something a little different for Thursday, join one of the groups enjoying Golden Gate Park or spending time at the famous Pier 39. These groups will be meeting at the Marriott Marquis and can use Muni to reach their destinations. More info will be given at the breakfast and posted here Monday night.

Friday may mean that VMworld has officially ended but Scott and I plan to tour Carmel and Monterey. There are still spots left for this tour and it is a great way to wind down from the hustle of VMworld. This is a wonderful trip for couples and families. Sound good? Then get registered right away!

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