VMworld 2010 Copenhagen

With the US events wrapped up and considered an amazing success, it is time to finish the planning and promotion of Spousetivities for the VMworld 2010 EMEA event. Our sponsors for the US events are also our sponsors for the EMEA events so I’d like to say thank you to HyTrust, Train Signal, and EMC for making these activities possible.

For those of you unfamiliar with Spousetivities, let me give you a brief idea of what this program is and how it came to be. I began Spousetivities three years ago so that my husband would not feel obligated to rush through labs, meetings, and sessions at conferences to come back and entertain me for the afternoon. As most husbands do, he worried about my safety out alone in a big city and felt the need to check on me often. I was also tired of being in big cities alone since I too, didn’t always feel safe. Over the last three years I have met so many people that said they felt the same way and they were so thankful that I organized these activities so they wouldn’t spend the whole week in their hotel room. They all knew exactly how I felt! Rest assured, I know how you felt as well and the wonderful thing is, we now have wonderful opportunities to enjoy the city in each location and meet new friends while we do it!

So far I have planned walking tours, boat rides, a planetarium visit, and perhaps even a tea party! If you are the spouse of a VMworld EMEA attendee, contact me right away so I will know to include you in the fun! All participants get a gift bag and a t-shirt! The t-shirts are always a huge hit! My contact information is on the about page of this site. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

See everyone in Copenhagen!

Making it Happen!

Now is a great time to recognize some very important people. Who are these very important people? Why, they are the sponsors for Spousetivities 2010!

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, the activities this year will be outstanding! So who are the companies that are reaching out beyond just the attendees but also to their families? So far I have three fabulous companies that have jumped on board to support Spousetivities.

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