Austin, BBQ, OpenStack, and…Spousetivities!

Another year, another OpenStack Summit, and another round of Spousetivities®! This time, the Spousetivities crew (read: me and possibly some wonderful volunteer helpers) will be joining the OpenStack community in beautiful Austin, TX, to provide activities for those traveling with Summit attendees. Registration is now open, so hop on over and sign yourself or your special someone up right away.

What’s that? You want some details on the activities before you sign up? OK, fair enough. Here’s what I’ve got planned:

  • On Monday, April 25, we’ll kick the week off with a “Welcome Scavenger Hunt.” This unique activity will give you the opportunity to get to know Austin as well as get to know some of the folks who will be hanging out with you over the course of the week. There will be fun, prizes, giveaways, and—perhaps most importantly?—food! Breakfast is included in the activity.
  • Following the Welcome Scavenger Hunt, you have the opportunity to join us for a “Taste of Austin.” This tour will allow you to sample some of the city’s best boutique eateries and food trucks.
  • On Tuesday, April 26, I’ve lined up a tour that will take you to some of the best places around Austin and the Hill Country, including a stop (with food!) at the world-famous Salt Lick. You don’t even have to wait in line at this renowned BBQ stop—that makes this tour worth it even without all the landmarks and hidden gemes.
  • If you like BBQ, then Wednesday, April 27, the “BBQ Crawl of Central Texas” is just the activity for you. We’ve packed three iconic venues in a single day, making sure you get your fill of delicious central Texas BBQ.
  • Texas plus German heritage equals Thursday, April 28’s tour of Fredericksburg. Enjoy a relaxing road trip through small towns over to Fredericksburg, where they’ll be time to explore, shop, and sightsee, plus lunch is included!
  • Friday, April 29, we’ll wrap up the week with a private boat cruise aboard the Lone Star, a luxurious double-decker paddle wheel riverboat. Lunch is, naturally, included.

The registration page has all the details, including specific times for each event throughout the week. All events, unless otherwise noted, will depart from the JW Marriott hotel, which is a short walk from the Austin Convention Center (the venue for the Summit). Please note that I have limited seats for these activities, so sign up early before the seats are all gone!

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to thank VMware NSX for sponsoring the events in Austin. Thanks to their support, the cost of these exclusive activities is often less than comparable public activities—and that doesn’t even count the extras you get with Spousetivities-prizes, private tours with local guides, and so much more!

Heard enough? Head on over to the registration page to sign up! I look forward to seeing you in Austin.

8 thoughts on “Austin, BBQ, OpenStack, and…Spousetivities!

    • Yes! All are welcome to join the activities. There are a few kids on the tours and all events are family friendly. I look forward to meeting your family in Austin!

  1. Do the tours/transportation accommodate strollers? Can you leave the tour early or join later in the day if needed? Wondering if these events will be friendly to an infant.

    • Absolutely on the strollers. As for leaving the tour early, yes, you can, but you’d need to find your own mode of transportation back to the hotel. The events are family friendly so I think having an infant along is just fine. In past events, the guests on the tours have been great with helping with strollers, etc. It’s a very friendly environment.

  2. My wife doesn’t speak english well, just a basic level. How do you think will it be comfortable for her to join Spousetivities?
    And I’d also like to take a part in a river journey on the boat on Friday, is it ok?

    • Alex – I think your wife will be fine on the activities. While I don’t speak other languages, we all usually find ways to communicate and enjoy our time together. I have had non-English speakers many times on these types of events. As for Friday, you, you are more than welcome to join. I created a Friday event, expecting that couples could do that activity together. See you next week!

  3. Hey Crystal,

    What time do you actually meet at The Marriott?the tickets say 7am which seems early and may be a time zone issue. Also is it the same everyday?

    Finally, are there space issues or could my wife go mon/tue and if she likes it grab wed-thur next week.



    • The departure times are listed in the descriptions of the events. The times do vary day by day. The 7:00 is simply because I have to list a general timeframe for the events throughout the week. It isn’t the actual times. Sorry for the confusion. If your wife registers for Monday and Tuesday and enjoys her activities, yes, she can then decide to join the other activities unless they sell out before that time. Currently there is plenty of room for Thursday and Friday. Wednesday only has one or two spots left.

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